May 7, 2013

Kraftwerk’s The Model (Live Cover)

Synthesizers by their very nature can be complex beasts that are unforgiving.  There are no real quick startup guides to using a synthesizer, and manufactures can help but add more and more features each time they are resold and iterated.  In the most basic sense, synthesizers are pianos that can become different types of instruments at the touch of a button – the thing is it wasn’t always this way.  The original synthesizers that were used in the early revolution of electronic music were very basic.  Some of them were only capable of playing or becoming one instrument, and multiple synths were needed in order to give us the impression that a band was playing.  Even drums had to be separated into snares and kicks on two different keyboards.

This is also what makes the early music so great – its simplicity.  With less to work with, more of creativity had to be done using the brain rather than the brain of a machine.  Early works by Kraftwerk were prime examples of how little needed to actually be done in order to achieve a great effect.  These days, a one man band can easily cover an old song since it requires nothing more than a few keyboards.