May 7, 2013

Traktor DJ Comes To iPhone

So Traktor has been available on the iPad and iOS for a few months now; so far the news has only been good.  DJs already understand that they aren’t going to get the same experience as using the full fledged software on their laptops and PC, so their expectations run pretty low when the load this up on their tablets.  To the surprise of many, the software isn’t so bad.  Obvious changes to the GUI and system had to be made to create a useable workflow, and the result thus far has been magical.  Can they extend this to the iPhone as well without causing serious problems?

The most obvious elephant in the room is the lack of space to move your fingers on.  Sure, Traktor has been designed to make use of buttons and other pressing actions – but the need to slide your fingers on the screen has not been lost.  There exists a need to scroll through waveform; just as there exists a need to nudge a track forward here and there (autogrid is not perfect after all).  So, the limitations here have to do with the medium rather than the software, touch technology is just not good enough when your space is limited.