DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
April 13, 2011

Stanton SCS.4DJ Controller: Look Ma, NO LAPTOP!

Stanton Magnetics introduced the SCS.1 System in 2008 and they were one of the first to introduce a universal controller for virtually your choice of DJ software.  Since then they have made leaps and bounds in the controller market by revamping and perfecting their flagship SCS.1 system which we previewed at Winter NAMM this past January.  Now they are introducing a new ground breaking controller that fully integrates your computer, software, and controller.

Enter:  Stanton SCS.4DJ.

Just Add Media!

There are a number of similar looking controllers on the market that this closely emulates and right off the bat we can see that the standard issue features are there.  There are 1/4″ balanced TRS and RCA unbalanced outputs, a 1/4″ mic input, large transport and sync buttons, large jog wheels, loop section, and 2 channel mixer with 3 band EQ and cross-fader.  There is an FX section with 2 adjust knobs and 4 large buttons to trigger the on board Filter, Flanger, Slice, and Delay effects.

Now what separates this controller is the inclusion of  a large LCD screen that is used to display your tracks linearly  in multi-color waveform.  Your software that is normally displayed on your laptop is built-in to the controller minimizing your work space and eliminating the need for a laptop, additional hardware and DJ software.  The SCS4.DJ supports WAV, MP3, and AAC files and the media can be loaded from your choice of 4 USB A ports supporting memory sticks, hard drives, smart phones or a keyboard input for search.  You also have the ability to record up to 90 minutes of your performance completely tracked out in it’s internal memory.  That’s convenient if you want to upload it to a recorder to burn a CD for distribution.  You can also make use of a USB B output for Midi Controller mode.  Stanton has also reported that this will be compatible as a midi controller with Serato Itch as well.  The SCS4.DJ will certainly find it’s place in the controller universe whether it’s used by Mobile DJs or Club and Pro DJs alike.

To be sure, Stanton is still playing catch up in the market and the exclusion of playable Hot Cues almost eliminate it entirely from being considered by the controllerist community.  Overall it looks to be an exciting DJ product that will have many enthusiasts salivating.  We look forward to getting our hands on one soon to give you guys a full review.  Cheers!


  1. Taylor says:

    NO HOT CUES!!!!! what were they thinking?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. nana qwesi bosompem says:

    just wanna know wether it can be used for virtual dj as well

    1. This controller in midi mode can be configured to probably any dj software.