May 7, 2013

Can I Have Your Whole Tunes List Please?

It is very easy to ask your friend if you can borrow or copy something digital, especially if that transfer takes less than a few minutes to complete.  I mean, where is the work involved?  It isn’t like someone has to go out of their way to burn a disc or to type lines of code, all you have to do is give them your USB flash drive for a few minutes (or a few seconds) and it’s done.  This is the appeal that keeps driving the pirated music industry; although the effort is minimal it takes a bit more time and a bit of cash to acquire that same song legally.  The press of a button has never made such a difference in our lives as it does today.

When someone asks to copy an entire playlist, the story is a bit different.  It is not that it is difficult to copy multiple files over from one hard drive to another, but DJs have spent countless hours developing their own crates of music – the type of work that cannot be done by computers alone.  We shouldn’t ask another DJ if we can have their music and expect them to willingly give it over.