May 8, 2013

Turnado Turns Your iPad Into A Multi-Effects Processor

There are many roles that the iPad can fill in your quest to make good music.  The choice is yours – do you want it to be your primary device?  That would mean that all input and functionality would rest solely on the iPad itself.  Your screen and your keyboard would become one instrument by itself and there would be no need for add-ons and peripherals.  Some may choose to give it more of a versatile role, by allowing it to be touched when needed but passive when not in use (meaning they would use it in conjunction with another computer).  Another option, which I feel is useless, would be to use it as only a keyboard or only a screen – in this case why even bother getting one in the first place?

I think that a tablet functions best when it has one use, but that use needs to involve full function of its touch and display capabilities.  An FX processor is a very good idea.  You may only need to use it during bits and pieces of your performance, but it will not be your main computer, nor will it suffer the abuse of constant eye gazing and finger gouging.