May 8, 2013

Movement Detroit Electronic Music Festival Schedule Announced

Music that is heard in your neighborhood is actually due to the cultural response to music, rather than the popularity of it nationwide.  Let me begin by saying that pop music stations should not be an indicator of what has grown to become popular where you live.  Most of the time, pop music has been paid for by the powers that be, so it becomes popular only by the fact that you are forced to listen to it when you turn on the radio.  It’s the stations that are less popular that really make a statement about the shifting music culture in your area.  Even in California, if you head a few hundred miles in any direction, their perspective of what hip-hop music is, will change dramatically.

Part of this has to do with where the genre of music was born in the first place.  The east and west coast both have rights to a particular style of hip-hop music, while areas in between have had their own commercial success with brands that aren’t as common.  Detroit is not only the car capitol of the US, but was also the birth place to house and electronic music when it first arrived in the early 90’s.