May 8, 2013

Hacking The iKaossilator

If you’ve ever played a guitar, you’ll notice that most of them come with dots and frets to let you know the span of a single note.  This is not a crutch to make a weak player a better one, but rather a way to indicate where one note beings and the other ends.  Imagine how difficult it would be for a pianist to play piano without knowing where the half steps and whole steps are drawn.  It would not be impossible, but having a piano with no keys would not necessarily show that the pianist is any more skilled then the rest.

Be that as it may, it is not uncommon to see a bass guitar or a violin without the frets marked in perfect lines.  The guys who play these already have a common understanding of where each note begins and ends – but take something like a Kaoss pad, and you wind up with a different predicament.  On one hand you want to have a precise idea of where each tone lies in the pad, but you don’t want to have your screen filled with self marked grid either.  So what is the best of both worlds?  How about something that isn’t permanent.