May 8, 2013

A Quick Jam in Arcade Music Gaming

How much complexity is actually needed to make a decent song or a soundtrack?  One my guess that having many layers of audio and affected layered on top of that would be the best approach for making a complex and robust tune, but we both know that songs do not need to be complicated in order to be appealing.  An analogy can be made to video games as well.  Modern games are built with a lot of technology; so much that it sometimes takes away from the basic game play which drives the game building process.  A game like Call of Duty is processor heavy and relies on a mix of sound effects and visual effects to entice you into its world.

What about PacMan?  Here is a simple game that takes as much memory as this article, yet its gameplay is wildly addictive.  The sound track and sound effects are likely to be 8-bit, and were created without the invention of polyphony.  It just goes to show that simple can often produce better results than the complex, so long as attention to game play is not overlooked.  There are few modern games that can match this style of development.