May 8, 2013

PLAiR Streaming Stick

I think that it is safe to say that no technology out there has been as innovative and useful as the smart phone.  The smartphone didn’t happen overnight either; it took the span of decades to get the formula just right.  There was a need for cameras, cellular phones, and pocket devices – but few had figured out how to combine them into one unit without creating a giant mess.  This is only half the story though because without the need for video games and other types of media, the smartphone would be nothing more than a bloated PDA.  The direction that it is heading is also something to be questioned.

Televisions have already been combined with the internet as well as wireless audio.  This means that not only do we have access to different forms of media on the fly; these devices can all communicate with each other.  One of the bigger developments is finding a way for the smartphone to communicate with a HD television – and it is significant for DJs who are already using tablets to DJ.  It would allow us to transmit our screen on even larger screens, skipping the computer or laptop monitor altogether.  The time for this is now.