May 8, 2013

How To Create A Memorable Live DJ Show

There are a few inherent problems with DJs performing on stage, mainly, the DJ doesn’t exactly perform on stage.  They don’t make use of stage left and stage right – they stay in one spot all night long.  This is much different from a rock band or a rapper who can physically make eye contact with parts of the audience.  The DJ will have a hard time even looking at the crowd at all since his hands are so busy.  Even when you have a group of four or five DJs on stage, they are reluctant to move from their starting positions – so DJs have to become more creative.

Often, a DJ will employ other members to help with props or lighting.  Even a dedicated video man is a good move, giving the audience something to look at instead of the DJ all night.  Modern DJ shows often contain themes that will attract much more than your auditory canals and this is becoming somewhat of a necessary approach these days.  Some of these themes are extremely creative, like Kid Koala’s space theme, where audience members look up at the ceiling instead of forward at the DJ.  This kind of approach has more to do with style than content.