May 8, 2013

REVIEW: Akai MPC Studio Music Production Controller

Does the MPC still have a place in digital production and digital DJing?  Or is it simply a staple of the past that is held onto by many who once owned one?  If you take a look at the latest MPCs, you’ll notice that they aren’t as popular and thereby aren’t selling that well.  It has more to do with the competition that it does with the MPC itself; the Maschine and other like it simply offer more at a better price.  Still, it will be a long time before Akai shuts down the MPC completely, and they’ve made better attempts at modernizing it to fit in an era of MIDI controllers and other electronic gadgets.

The Akai MPC Studio Controller is a foot in the right direction.  By design, it ditches the need for bulky thickness, eliminating the internals that were once dedicated to storage and playback.  Its new design is dependent on the computer that it is plugged into, as is the case with all MIDI controllers out now.  The most striking aspect of it is its MPC like quality.  It doesn’t look cheap and the price reflects the build quality as well.  This is the direction that Akai needs to take.