May 8, 2013

MixVibes Cross 2.4 — 4 channels at last!

In my career as a DJ, I’ve rarely ever had to use more than two channels to mix.  Sometimes, having a third deck or an auxiliary to run an instrument was crucial if I wanted to mix a pure acapella track, but other than that, mixing three songs together was more of a chore for such little in return.  Mixing two songs together is easy enough once you get the hang of it, but having to babysit three different songs can become quite the mind bender if you are not on top of your game.  Often, there is more to clash rather than complement.

When I see four channel decks being offered on DVS system, it makes me wonder if these are even being uses at all.  I’m sure with certain types of EDM songs it would end up useful, but who has four decks on their possession?  I think having four decks looks much more like an attempt to show how much money you have rather than where you skills lay.  I guess with autogrids and beatmatching it does seem more feasible, but still I sense a gimmick here.  Regardless of what I think, we will begin to see every DVS with this option in the near future.