May 8, 2013

My DJ Controller’s Phones Level Is Too Quiet

A DJ who transitions from the bedroom to a club or party environment is in for a big surprise.  Nothing will go exactly as they expected.  Requests from dancers will interrupt your workflow, and the occasional beer sat by your gear will make you ever the weary.  I’m not done yet.  You can begin to add low lighting environments along with rowdy and loud partygoers, and you’ve got a small recipe for disaster.  An experienced DJ will anticipate these issue and plan for them – the novice will not.  One of the most difficult aspects for a DJ at any level to anticipate is the overall volume level.  Too loud and it will hurt, too quiet and you will lose energy.

Having speakers that are capable is only part of the solution – you need to have an understanding of just how long things can get before they begin to affect your skills.  Modern DJs have somewhat of a different problem, as so many of them are relying on USB powered MIDI controllers.  These controllers often do not have the power to boost audio like a mixer, and when coupled with bad speakers you can end up with a mix that simply doesn’t sound loud enough.