May 8, 2013

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Headphones

Style has not been lost for the DJ, even in times where function is valued over form.  There are plenty of ugly mixers and ugly headphones that are worth purchasing, even though they don’t look the part.  A DJ is better off with gear that performs, rather than having to “perform” in instances when the gear cannot.  Still, we are sold by our eyes before ever read the fine print, so manufacturers are wise to make items pretty, along with their functionality.  Headphones are perhaps the most modern looking piece of the DJs’ setup, and that is because their function hasn’t changed much over the years.

They still use standard cables, and they still use drivers in each ear.  There hasn’t been any real innovation there when compared to decks or mixers.  The design is what has changed the most.  Some prefer to go completely modern, like Pioneer with their memory foam cups – while others like the V-Moda m-100’s have gone with a more retro styling to bring back images of the past.  The smart way to do this is to capture a design of the past, while modernizing the build quality and technology that it contains.