May 9, 2013

Livepad For iPad Inspired By Novation LaunchPad

Take a look at the types of cellular phones that are in existence today.  Many of them look very close to each other, so close that I’d have no problem saying that they got their ideas from each other.  Some of them ask for permission first and pay their royalties later, and some just use the same format without even asking for permission.  The average consumer doesn’t understand the legal troubles that go into the design of each phone.  Millions of dollars have been paid on each side for what is essentially stealing property and intellectual design.  Does this same phenomenon exist within the DJ industry?

I’ve wondered this, since there have any many apps that have basically copied the design of existing software or hardware.  Many times, it is done through the same company, but it has also been done by third parties without their permission as well.  Users of these programs will not care either way, but for those who want to get into the app development field – I wonder if they ever consider the possibility of getting sued before they even start.  The Live Pad app looks 100% like its hardware counterpart, yet is made by an outsider.