May 9, 2013

What is bass music?

When were hear a song with a specific tempo and meter, we automatically categorize it into a genre or a subgenre.  If the beat is double timed at either 75 or 150 beats per minutes, then we can lump than into the dubstep category.  If it is strictly around 140-ish with a constant tempo, well then that is drum and bass.  We tend to look at this type of music as electronic music or EDM – but the categorizations actually go deeper than the tempo alone.  Take a look at southern rap music that falls in the 70 to 75 beats per minute range.  It is obviously not EDM, but it shares the same tempo and patterns are their Dubstep counterparts.  This is known as trap music.

What unites these styles of heavy drum, bass, and grime, is the use of bass.  We can rightfully call it bass music and still retain a level of correctness.  It seems that this type of music relies heavily on the tonal influences rather than simply the meter and temp.  The use of heavy low frequency bass is hard to ignore, especially if it is being bumped in a car with two thousand watts of bass power.