May 9, 2013

Change The Way You Think About Guitars

We live in an age where technology is not really invented, but innovated and improved.  The computer chips and processors inside our PCs have not changed dramatically, but they have shrunk in size allowing us to add more of them and increase the speed by volume.  The same goes for synthesizers which can pack more components into a smaller space.  Just because they have gotten faster does not mean that it is revolutionary or new, it isn’t.  Midi controllers have been alive since the first MIDI keyboard was created, but the only new change to them is their packaging into button masher style devices.

The electric guitar and synthesizer themselves can be considered real inventions that changed the way we look at and create music – but since then what has really changed?  The next step in their evolution is to combine the analog and digital aspects of the machine without detracting from either side.  Implementing MIDI control and other types of control without losing the essence of the acoustic guitar is where it is going.  If you can fool a guitarist into thinking that his guitar has not been altered, then you have done your job and we can call that a true leap in innovation.