May 9, 2013

A Live 9 That Works Better, and Better in the Dark

I can easily separate myself from the fanboy hipster side of Apple product users.  Yes, I have a macbook and yes I have an iPod, but it is not because I only buy Apple products.  When I do buy something from them, I don’t shove it in the face of PC users either.  Do I want to DJ with a tablet?  Perhaps.  But I would be more interested in the Microsoft surface than the Apple iPad.  I think the simplicity of Apple products is neat and that anyone can use them without much schooling – but I don’t like the fact that many of these products cannot be customized.  I want it my way.

My iPod for example has a very bright LCD screen, but is bright enough to hurt my eyes in the wrong conditions – so I have to change the screen backlight constantly.  Apple doesn’t make it easy to do without some navigation, so I have to hack the settings in order to make a quick setting button.  Ableton has made it easier, much easier.  The white color may not be very good in a low light condition (going back and forth from dark to white), so an alternative background color is a better option.