May 9, 2013

WiSA Certifications Different From Other Wireless Speaker Solutions

Ditching the wires in favor of an air streamed signal is not the future, it is already here.  The trouble is convincing all the wireless speaker manufacturers to follow suit.  Creating a wireless protocol for two devices to communicate is not hard; creating a protocol that every device can communicate with is the hard part.  Think about the types of systems we currently use for wired speaker systems.  Most of these use the same type of wire that is used to power a house lamp, but the cabled needed to route that signal to a receiver vary.  You have your common RCA, perhaps an XLR or balanced quarter inch, and then with digital signal you have your HDMI cables.

A wireless signal is obviously digital, and will not function the same way a lifeless cable does.  It needs a set of instructions to tell it what to do.  There is then the issue of how many devices will want to talk to the same receiver.  It could be a tablet, a smart phone, or even a CD deck that has wireless capabilities built in.  Either way you go, there needs to be uniformity in this system, and that is what WiSA aims to get at.