May 9, 2013

Focusrite rolls out two new audio interfaces

Purchasing a USB audio interface can be as daunting a task as affording your first PA or speaker system.  There is a lot to learn and a lot that you won’t learn until after the fact.  What you do know now, is what your needs are going to be – and perhaps that you want to keep your options open in case of future needs.  A USB soundcard is different from the soundcard that is either integrated into your system or attached to your system via a mixer of some sorts.  The obvious benefit to an external soundcard is the addition of various inputs and outputs.

DJ mixers usually have a slew of analog inputs and digital inputs, but rarely do they have more than one (if at all) digital output.  A good USB soundcard should have what you need and a little bit on top of that.  They can come cheap, but the pricier ones are usually expensive because they contain much more than a better build quality – their process of encoding and decoding is better as well.  The Focusrite line aims to hit marks on all categories, but does so at a high cost.  Be that as it may, you shouldn’t intend to replace these any time soon.