May 10, 2013

AK-47 Assault Rifle Golden Guitar

What makes a guitar a guitar?  This is not one of those silly philosophical questions, but more of a practical one.  How do we define in words what an instrument really is?  Does it have to do with the type of sound it makes?  Or perhaps it has to be able to make that sound without the help of computers or digital add-ons.  I would say that by nature a guitar is supposed to be a stringed instrument that responds to the touch.  I would say that without strings and frets on a guitar, there is no guitar at all.  A good counter argument would be something like a Guitar Hero guitar.  It has no strings at all, yet it resembles a guitar and few would stop short of calling it one.

Perhaps a guitar is nothing more than a body that holds an instrument around the neck.  That is the single easiest definition I can use to define one.  It has to be strapped around the neck, but unlike a saxophone, it is should be able to stay on one plane during its use.  This AK-47 design sort of hints at what I’m getting at here – it is merely strings and pickups.