May 10, 2013

Who Says Physical Media Is Dead?

There are those who are looking to make a profit by stating that a format is dead or beyond its usefulness.  Then there are those who want desperately to hold on to the dead formats they cherish and love.  It is safe to say that as time goes on, manufacturers will begin to no longer support them financially, and we can wave goodbye in the same manner as we did with Beta tapes and 4-tracks.  Even the compact disc is going to be on its way out, and I seriously doubt that CD drives will be a standard on modern PCs and computer towers anymore.  The DVD as a format is quite the complex character, since you cannot make it any larger in surface area – you have to extend the thickness of it ever so slightly, so these might outlive my expectations.

The one kicker here is vinyl records.  I seriously doubt that these will ever be eliminated as a form of media, due to their uniqueness and simplicity.  There are many DJs who will never even touch a vinyl record or a record player, and I don’t fault them for that.  But understanding how different it is from other types of media is crucial to understanding why it may last.