May 10, 2013

Electrix Tweaker Controller

There are plenty of controllers that look like cookie cutter designs of each other.  Each manufacturing company wants to create the latest and greatest, but they live in fear of overextending their creativity.  This happens all the time.  Numark has been adept that trying new things, only to discover that they didn’t catch on the way they thought it would.  Sony, who only has a little part of the DJ industry, knows what it is like to create something revolutionary (like the Minidisc) only to see it flop in real time.  It’s risky when you want to decide on a new direction for your company, which is why we see controllers playing it safe.

The laptop controller, like the LPD8, is about is simple as it gets.  There are more than a handful of these with the same layout and feel; there will not be a shortage any time soon.  The Kontrol F1 design is also a form factor what we will continue to see.  The Electrix Tweaker is, on the other hand, one of a kind.  It has been reviewed before, but I can understand why a DJ would want a chance to get at this controller.  It is eccentric in all ways, yet beautiful.