May 10, 2013

Social Media for Musicians

Having some sort of social media outlet is key to maintain a certain image of your brand or perhaps your band.  As a DJ, there is often little we know about you until you open your mouth, and since DJs use their hands instead of their mouths to talk – you’ll need another way of speaking your mind.  There are the big three social media networks that will help you with your cause, but it won’t be made easy for you.  Just having a page, like a business card, is not really enough.  That is the old way of saying “hello”.  These days you are going to need to more interactive and friendly with your guests, even though you may never meet them face to face.

Sometimes it might be best just to have a personal website to connect all of your social media and media sharing networks together.  It also gives you a chance to be more personal with your viewers rather than following the same boring format that is expected of you on every facebook or twitter page.  Content is also really key here, if you’re stagnant, then your readership will take that as a sign of how you see yourself as well.