May 11, 2013

5 Things Your Band Needs to Consider About Branding

These days, there is more to be said about image rather than substance.  It isn’t necessarily a good or something I would brag about, it has more to with the current state of affairs and how the entire music scene has gotten commercialized in the process.  When we watch TV and hear dramatic pauses within the dialogue or scenes that fade out – we know what to expect next.  We know when to laugh and we know when to wait for the next scene.  It is something that has been programmed into us since we first started watching television.  There is a protocol that these television shows follow and if they were to stray off course we would feel as if something were wrong.

The same thing has happened with entertainers as well as DJs who make it above ground.  They are expected to follow a certain format in regard to branding their image or creating a brand in general.  As much as I’d like to fight this idea, it is something that has to be obeyed, and when it comes to social media it is of upmost importance too.  Knowing what you are up against and the current state of affairs is the first step in this process.