May 11, 2013

Offline Social Networking Tips for Musicians

If I were to come to you with a sales pitch in person, face to face, man to man, don’t you think I would have a better shot at convincing you that I’m worth your time – rather than an email with links and phrases?  Or does the reverse seem to be true?  Perhaps without an internet outlet or social media website our words and opinions have little weight in the real world.  Saying that one form of communication is better than another is foolish, but there ought to be a balance between what is real and what is virtual these days.

A physical business card is the starting point for DJs and producers who want you to remember your name – but ultimately there will be fickle reasons why you are remembered.  Someone might hint that you are worth a short or perhaps your DJ name is funny enough to remember.  The point is here is that it doesn’t come down to having a perfect social media website or a great presentation either, there is more to selling yourself than those two things.  We shouldn’t forget the fact the outside forces that we cannot control will have some effect on our careers.  It’s called luck.