May 11, 2013

Musicians, Is DIY Dead?

There is a large push towards the do it yourself industry – on all side of the matter.  There are those with ideas and think tanks, and there are those who have the skills, tools, and ability to make them a reality.  In modern times you need to have a remote programmer or software side to make things extra special as well.  So when it comes down to it, are we really doing it by ourselves, or are we helping each other?  Working together in teams is great in almost all respects, except when it comes to the business side of things.  How do we determine the value of one’s work within a team environment?

When we know we are getting paid less than our associates, we have to ask ourselves if that is really the right move.  Many times, a member of a band or team will receive the short end of the stick simply because they have failed to realize their worth, or perhaps there are just afraid of confronting other members about the inequality.  Simply put, working together has its benefits, but it also can cause tension within any type of group when there is money to be made.