May 11, 2013

Using Pay Per Click (PPC) to Market Your Music

Advertising seems to be the bane of the internet, just as long boring commercials have been the bane of television programming.  Some of them are really only funny the first time, after that – they are just tiresome.  A good commercial is memorable because it is likely funny or emotional; but when it all boils down they are simply that, commercials.  Advertising on the web is quite different, and it doesn’t cost a person millions of dollars to do it either.  The beauty of internet advertising is the fact that they can be tuned to specific audiences – and whether you like it or not, this is really the future of advertising.

On the positive side of things, the little guys can really have a chance to reach their hands out to gain a piece of their pie.  Tiered payment systems that allow you to only pay when an AD is clicked simplify the process instead of fishing in a pond for audiences (and paying for the pond at the same time).  Now you can get away with just paying for each bite on the line, and this method is perfect for musicians that only need to be discovered by a small niche of viewers.