May 11, 2013

How to Make the Sound Guy NOT Hate You at Your Next Gig

There are different levels of gigging, and for the average DJ they will never know what it is like to be on stage in front of thousands of people.  I’m not saying that this is the pinnacle of a DJ’s career, but I’m alluding to the type of setups and gear they will encounter in their lives.  The mobile DJ will have a pretty good understanding of what type of gear they will need to use.  They will likely own their own speakers, amps, and perhaps even some clever lighting.  Beyond this, they will be in charge of their own sound checking and equipment checking.

The club DJ may never have to deal with this at all.  They show up with nothing but their CD’s or hard drive, and laptop – ready to go in minutes since the sound has already been configured and checked.  What the club DJs may not know is that there was a lot of work that had to go into setting up the audio for the club, and there may very well be an engineer behind the scenes making sure everything balances out the way it should.  We should thank these guys, even though we may never get to meet one; their job is a difficult one.