May 12, 2013

How To Earn A Living Through Music

Stepping foot behind the decks or turntables is really on the beginning of the path to become a successful musician.  The idea of the classically trained musician getting all of the work is no longer the norm, and there are actually many out there who have been successful with little music theory background.  The trouble about being a musician or even a performer is the inherent lack of work.  I see music as an art that helps combine creative thinking, technical awareness, and teamwork – but there are many that don’t see it to be a useful skill to have; they see it as a game or some type of hobby instead.

This is why I say that DJing is only the beginning.  In order to make a successful living with your skills you have to find a way to make it useful.  Lessons are a good way to make money, and it actually pays fairly well.  Since DJing is not taught in Universities like math and science is, finding a good teacher is harder than you’d expect, and the result of this is a higher demand for qualified DJ teachers.  That hobby can quickly become a profitable profession is looked at the right way.