May 12, 2013

What is Music Publishing?

One serious flaw I find with DJing in general is that there is no way of transcribing what it is that you’ve done behind the decks in a mix.  There are only a few ways to replicate something that has been done before, and in this case, it involves recording a mix and train spotting each aspect of it.  The issue I have is that it cannot be transcribed with paper in pen in a way that can be replicated without some sort of digital medium.  This explains why there are hardly any instructions for a mix, but rather, a track list and a list of ways to transition between each song.

Publishing is quite a ways different from DJing, but it pertains more to music production and producing than it does to mixing in general.  Publishing is all about making sure that any hard work or credit is getting paid for where the credit is due.  Technically speaking, any song that is played for a paid venue (such as a club or wedding) is supposed to receive some of that money that is made from its use.  This is hardly ever the case, so producers really have to be creative about granting rights to people.