May 12, 2013

YouTube’s Playbook Guide for Musicians

There are many outlets tailored for music production, and many of these can be used free of charge.  The better one, however, do charge a server fee to pay for the time and work put into organizing such websites.  Soundcloud is a great starter for musicians who want store original music, such as a produced tune.  Soundcloud has also made it very easy to network with other artists as well as listeners – and they’ve also made it free with a limited amount of space.  If you get beyond a certain amount of minutes of music stored, it will begin to cost you money.  Most users see the benefit in this system, which is typically clutter free.

Youtube has perhaps the best solution for any type of creative mind, and that is because of how much space and storage they are offering.  A video says more than a song, but also weighs more than a song as well.  The only trouble is that Youtube does not make it as easy to get organized and take advantage of all they have to offer.  They do in fact have ways of increasing contact with audience members and systems that make it easy to update your files.