May 12, 2013

Twitter Launches #Music Service

If you’ve tried to make an information page for DJs through Facebook, you have likely run into some issues here and there.  Sure, you can make a fan page where your fans give you thumbs up in approval – but other than posting some pictures and some updates, there is little else you can do to make it more interactive.  If you have a video, then you can upload that through their system – but if you have a song that you want to stream through the website itself, you’ll have to look for a third party application to handle that business.  The issue stems from the way that Facebook is built, which isn’t as friendly to music as it is with videos and pictures.

Twitter has expanded their community with a dedicated music expansion.  This means that their webpage will actually allow streaming music that isn’t directed through some third party application.  This also means that the music that is being played with have to be verified, to ensure that it isn’t violating any copyright or piracy stipulations.  For now, it is still being worked on – but it is a greater achievement than anything Facebook has accomplished.