May 12, 2013

10 Tips to Help You Make Your Music Career More Sustainable

DJs are typically not ones to think much about the environment when they are performing at gigs or at a club, but it is also hard to believe that DJs produce very much waste at all.  It isn’t like we are unwrapping paper objects each night we perform.  Sure, we produce some electronic junk waste – but we are more likely to hang onto a piece of equipment rather than trash it.  Even faulty devices are bought on the second hand market in hopes that they can be repaired and fixed.  If there is any paper in my system, it is the paper sleeve that holds my records together, and these aren’t going anywhere anytime soon – I’m keeping these.

So where do we waste?  The single most important resource that a DJ can waste is power.  Without power, there is little than a DJ can even do right?  Many of us have two or three power strips working together to power six to ten different components of the system.  There is one little step that we can each take, and that is to simply power off everything when it is not in use.  Even powers strips with charging adapters can run up the electricity when not in use.