May 12, 2013

Producing Music from the Couch!?

What will a producer look like in the year 2020?  Keep in mind that this is not far off from where we are now, and technology advances pretty good in only a span of a decade or so.  Not long ago, the production was limited to how much gear you could fit in a tiny room.  You know these rooms; you’ve seen them around.  They are the dark lit rooms with huge mixing boards and tons of equipment with beeping lights and faders.  You look at the equipment and wonder how anybody would possible know how to use everything in the room.  Even worse, how did anybody possibly get all of this gear in the room in the first place?

Modern producers are much simpler, at least on the hardware side of things.  Gear has gotten smaller or it has gone completely digital.  Mixing boards no longer need to be the size of a double bed – instead they can be represented on a digital display, perhaps even a tablet.  Larger flatter screens make easy to eliminate most of the bulk that used to fill up dead spaces of the room.  Perhaps we may even do away with keyboards once we figure out how to control everything with the gesture of a hand.