May 12, 2013

Moving A DJ Library From Serato Into Traktor

Being a smart producer or DJ or even anything means that you have analyzed all of your options rather than blindly sticking to something you think you know well.  We humans are very stubborn and have a hard time changing our ways, so moving from one technique or process to another take a leap of faith and the swallowing of pride.  The move from analog to digital DJing techniques has been the biggest hurtle that long time DJs have had to make.  For those who were reluctant, it felt like we were being swept in with the tide, with little choice or say in the matter.

But we all know that those who don’t adapt get left behind, so it is safe to assume that those who have made the switch have taken a step in a promising direction.  The trouble we have now is not choosing analog or digital, it is choosing Serato or Traktor.  It seems there will always be two camps and two schools of thought – but why not have both?  Wouldn’t it serve us best to realize that one method simply cannot be better than the other?  Wouldn’t it make sense to learn how to drive a manual as well as an automatic?