May 12, 2013

DJ with a controller… in a browser

Futurists have long predicted the advent of the internet, but they never quite understood how it would come to be this popular and this prevalent in our lives.  What they did get right is that it would be our form of communication, and that it would be here to stay.  The internet has transformed itself from many times, and may do not know that in its original form it was meant to be used for military use.  The second generation of websites was purely commercial based, as the idea of blogging and community had not really been worked out or understood.

Today, Web3.0 is here and it really changed what the computer is and how we look at hardware.  Instead of storing all of our hardware in our houses and homes, the data will soon be stored online ready to be accessed at a moment’s notice.  This remote access of information is what may very well be the next generation of DJing as well.  Imagine that all of your hardware, your music, and your controllers profiles being stored online instead of at home.  Now imagine being able to DJ without needing to bring anything with your other than your creativity.  Imagine that.