May 12, 2013

Paul Van Dyk through Vestax’s lens

When a hometown producer becomes a big name who travels across the globe, you’d think that something about them would change.  Many artists make it to the top by claiming that they will never sell out or change, but it is kind of hard to fathom that not happening with screaming fans at your fingertips.  All of the hard work that went into becoming a damn near brand name, so naturally you want to celebrate, and naturally you want some of the respect that comes with the territory.  So what is it like to be a single DJ on stage, performing in front of millions?

Just the thought of it can be overwhelming when you picture on man on stage with nobody else behind him.  The same gear you use to DJ in your bedroom is the same gear you use when you’re in a giant stadium, so I can imagine you would be a little nervous to go out on a limb and try something new.  Making mistakes in front of fans that have paid a lot of money to be there is not the same as making mistakes in a small joint across town.  It must be exhilarating but also stressful.