May 12, 2013


Disco music might not be a big deal today, and even though we hear elements of it in rap, rock, and pop songs all the time – we rarely give it credit for what it really is.  Before disco was even disco, rock had ruled the music scene and had done so with little moderation.  If you went to a bar and they had life performers, you could expect them to be rock musicians and local acts, not DJs and jazz bands.  Rock had ruled because there were few ways of making music any better than that.  When the disco era was upon is, it caused a stir.  It actually split up music lovers into different factions which wasn’t un-similar to how we are today with EDM and hip-hop music.  The same state of affairs also existed with synth music exploded in the early 80’s as well.

That entire style of funk and disco has always been here, and musicians and DJs have been smart about incorporating it into new forms of music without being purists.  It can range from smooth and melodic to downright heavy (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and some of the best pop producers of our times have taken notice to its infectious sounds.