May 12, 2013

Syncing My Controller With An Ableton DJ

Simply using Serato or Traktor to make a performance piece has its up and its downs.  What IS good about just using the lightweight DVS on its own is that it doesn’t eat up very much processor or memory.  You can feel a bit secure when you notice that your laptop doesn’t lag too much when many tasks are thrown at it.  The downside it is that it is difficult to compose a song or a performance with just Serato alone.  Allowing only six different cue points per each song has its inherent limitations; many of them simply cannot be worked around.

Using Ableton as your main source music and sound is a better option here, but it lacks the inherent control and familiarity of using two decks (turntables or CDs) with a virtual display of everything that is going on in front of you.  The bridge was meant to allow Ableton to run inside of Serato, but this may not be what you are after either.  Traktor on the other hand has MIDI clock abilities and will allow you to use the DAW with your DVS under the same rules of time.  This is a better option for those who aren’t pros at either.