May 12, 2013

Serato DJ with Numark NS6

There aren’t very many controllers that can compare to the feeling of actual vinyl turntables or the feel of real CD decks that keep track in real time.  Controllers seem to replicate the look, but never the feel of the original – and most of these aren’t bad, they’re simply not the same.  Numark and Vestax have the most experience in this field, making everything from a one hundred dollar start kit to something that would cost up to a thousand dollars even on sale.  The Vestax controllers are nice and sport a good look as well as a hefty build quality, but they price is very steep.

Other options from Gemini, Pioneer, and Denon also run the range of cheap to ridiculously expensive – but there is one company who has managed to sell the idea of a low cost controller that isn’t expensive at all, and that is Numark.  Their NS6 and NS7 controller strike me as something I would come to use, even though they aren’t the bread and butter that you are used to.  These all in one systems function decently for their price, and are more than enough for any starter DJ to drool at.   I could carry one of these with one arm as well.