May 13, 2013

iPhone/iPad iOS music making app round-up: Week 82

If you want to try your hand at creating a viable iPad app, then you’re going to have a long hard road ahead of you.  It begins with an idea; what it is exactly that you want to accomplish.  The next step is to really take a look at your resources and seeing if it is worth your time.  Creating an app that is needed and utilitarian is everyone’s goal, but such apps have already been explored by big name developers and teams of programmers who are getting paid to code.  Creating an app on your own could take countless hours, maybe even years.

This is why a lone developer will struggle trying to make a popular synthesizer app when there are hundred to choose from.  On the other hand, a lone developer might have an easier time making an eccentric app that hasn’t been thought of before.  There won’t be a huge market for it (if any), but you can be assured that few competitors will be vying for the buyers’ attention.  Whichever road is chosen, there are difficulties and problems that will occur down the line, and even the best app makers find themselves working through bugs and glitches.