May 14, 2013

The Music of 2071, As Imagined in 1964

Sound engineers and other music application developers struggle to work with two sides of the same coin.  As technology evolves on the hardware side, there is an inherent need to increase the usability of the software that comes along with it.  The problem with software is that while hardware can be complex and beyond the understanding of many of us, the software needs to be able to be useful without needing years of programming knowledge.  It still must be robust and complex, but it needs to be tiered or layered in a way that allows it to be used on many levels.  Software engineers and visual designers are getting quite good at exploring this aspect of design.

The lumigraph was one of the first devices that took audio and meshed it with visual effects; in essence creating a toy that could be used by anyone.  Such inventions were never likely to become mainstream instruments, but their effect can still be seen today by many gesture based instruments that are being introduced into the mainstream market place.  As gaming evolves, the ways in which we input information need to evolve as well, and I’m betting we will see this type of control implemented in the future.