May 17, 2013

Mixing Learning with Hacking and Jamming

In the programming and computer world, hacking represents one’s own ability to create and destroy, while displaying their knowledge of how computers and computer systems work.  It is akin to the knowledge a DJ has when he steps behind the turntables, and sort of like a guitarist’s ability to shred when they get behind an acoustic or electric guitar.  Hacking has a malicious side as well as a fun side, and the fun side of it is what brings hackers together.  Hacking also plays a large part in music production, but not necessarily on the software side.  The same skills and ideas can be used to take apart gear and mold them together to create new instruments.

Sometimes hackers meet up in large groups to put their minds together in the same room – the result can be very surprising.  It may take them little time to come up with something new and innovative.  The same effect is felt when DJs get together in a room and jam in a scratch session.  They create things that would not be possible in their own, and perhaps it is the shared energy or the competition that brings out the best of a turntablist at work.