May 21, 2013


Reloop has gotten good at keeping up with gear for DJs and producers.  At your next electronics trade show you should expect to see their gear as well.  For those who don’t know, Reloop has not been around for very long.  They are not like Numark or Pioneer, who has spent decades in the music gear industry – but Reloop is special in that they have made conscious choices to go with one route over another.  Right off the bat they introduced their own DVS program, with the gear to go with it, and instead of creating turntables and CD players, they went with an all-digital route.  It is perfectly understandable that they would not branch out in too many directions at once.

They also have many headphone options which cater not just to the DJ-minded, but also the casual listener as well as the producer.  While not as technically innovated as a company like Sennheiser, they are quite stylish and have their own selling points as well.  Still, there are a few flaws that needed to be worked out until they can gain the respect of music lovers who have been buying gear since before Reloop was even around.