May 21, 2013

They Walk Alike, They DJ Alike

Ten years ago, the thought of scratching on a digital music player was unheard of, and the thought of scratching using a computer program had not even been thought of yet.  But it was in the minds of many who knew that smaller portable devices would become the future of music and the music industry.  First we had to get past the obvious hurdles.  Ten years ago, the acceptance of digital media as the primary source of media was not fully understood and many still clung to their old habits as they were hard to do away with.  If you were able to produce music on a computer of the day, then you were miles ahead of many.

Before there was an iPad, there was an iPod.  It was no more than a glorified mp3 player, and an expensive one at that.  Two brothers, who were both DJs, were determined to make use of them and get the best out of what little space they had available – but they had problems with computer technology at the time.  We can look at this now and laugh, but with understand as to how difficult it must have been to work with slow processors and operating systems.