May 21, 2013

10 Essential Mixes For Aspiring DJs

We would like to believe that we can become the best DJs we know on our own, but that simply isn’t true.  After all, without exposure to other DJs how would we have gotten interested in DJing in the first place?  Humans are creatures that learn by experiencing and witnessing, so it is natural to feel inspired and to take ideas from other DJs even if we are unaware of what we are doing.  Mixtapes are commonly made by DJs of all types, not just mix DJs.  Often times a scratch DJ will release a mix tape that showcases his scratching skill as well as his or her taste in music.

Sometimes a producer will even go as far as mixing his own set of produced tunes into an hour long track for his or her fans to listen to.  Although these have been produced for the listeners and fans above all else, DJs do well by listening to what other DJs have to offer.  When a DJ samples a mixtrack, he is listening not only for song selection, but also the technical aspects of how another DJ goes from song to song.  It is good practice to use your ears as much as your hands in this case.