May 22, 2013

Ortofon Cocoon carts

Needles and cartridges are only one part of a system used to spin either timecode vinyl or vinyl records – but they are perhaps the most necessary part.  A turntable is useless without a needle.  Even if the turntable had a broken motor or was not able to spin, sound could still be achieved by other methods, and a needle will pick up sound even when its signal is not boosted.  It’s amazing that such an old technology still has relevance in an electronic and digital world.  Turntablists need not be given a lesson on what type of cart and stylus combo they need to buy, they are well aware of what they need to scratch with.

It’s the guys who are new to DJing using a DVS that need a few lessons on the needle.  The beauty of timecode vinyl and DVS in general is that the quality of the song does not rely on the needle’s ability to pick up an analog signal; it actually relies on how well the computers can playback and song (as well as song quality).  Ortofons, with their unique style of design, have quickly been adopted for DVS users, since there is only so much a needle needs to do with DVS.