May 22, 2013

Why The Internet Is A Bad Place To Discover Music

Sure, the internet makes it very easy to discover and listen to new artists’ music, but does that necessarily mean that it is the best place for it to happen?  Some would argue that any type of exposure is good for the artist, but does this necessarily mean that the artist we are listening to is worthy of the credit we give them.  For many, music is about identity rather than preference.  We all have those tracks that we love to listen to willingly at home, but wouldn’t dare play them in the car with our friends around.  It’s sad because we are scared to actually express the things we like.

Also, the internet can be driven by commercialism and intense marketing campaigns, rather than the general perception by the people.  We often hear of rappers names getting shoved in our faces, as if we think they are as good as they say – but it is hardly ever the truth.  Some of the best artists and DJs will likely never be given the credit they deserve and are perhaps better than 90 percent of what we hear about on the internet.  Such is the way of modern music marketing.