May 22, 2013

Moog Intros Animoog For BlackBerry

It’s true that the android and the iOS most of the development attention out there.  Fewer people are attempting to create programs for the plain vanilla PC or Mac since buyers are less likely to pay the hundreds of dollars it costs to purchase a full-fledged program.  Musicians are less likely to lug around a personal computer complete with an external monitor and a power strip, so they bring their iPad or tablet device instead.  The consumers are driving the market for mobile apps and thus developers have a reason to work on that platform.  iOS certainly has more going for it than Android in terms of DJ and production apps.  The iPad is the standard by which all other tablets are measured, so it will be hard to change that perception any time soon.

There is one platform that has been neglected, and that is the Blackberry.  Why is this platform not as accepted as other touch screen platforms?  Maybe it’s because there is just a smaller market for it than the rest.  This didn’t stop the makers at Moog to create a handheld implementation of their software for users who want a different way to input information.  The question still remains, is it usable?